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Jay Ortiz

Nuturing_0.jpgI initially learned about Toastmasters a few years back while completing my Masters degree in Engineering Management. Although engineers are usually known for their keen analytical and pragmatic skills, they are not known for their people and leadership skills. Northwestern University was excellent at teaching the skills needed to become a great leader, however knowing and doing are two entirely different things. I found that I had learned all the tools I needed to become successful, but was having a very difficult time putting these concepts into practice. I would get so nervous about giving formal presentations or leading a project group that I would make myself sick over it. To compensate, I would spend countless hours preparing for presentations. Several professors had recommended to their classes that Toastmasters was an excellent forum for putting what we were learning to use and building our leadership skills. I took their advice to heart.

I have now been a member of Toastmasters for only 6 months, but the results have been unbelievable. With every Toastmaster meeting I attend, I get more comfortable and confident in stepping up and delivering a meaningful message to an audience. The results have surfaced in all areas of my life both professionally and in my personal life. I find myself voicing my ideas more in meetings, gaining even more respect from my colleagues, and becoming more dynamic and personable in social situations. I no longer spend countless hours preparing for a presentation or big meeting, and can put something together quickly and deliver the material with confidence.

I am grateful to Toastmasters for providing me an environment that nurtures the leader within!

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