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Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink

I'd like to share how Toastmasters helped us out. As many of you know, Steve and I are in charge of the Independent Games Festival. It's something like a Sundance film festival, but for video games, which just concluded its 10th year (our first at the helm).

As part of our responsibility, we introduced the awards in front of a crowd of ~6,000 game developers. The event was filmed by G4 television for later broadcast, which has a North American audience of 64 million viewers. We haven't seen a copy of that broadcast yet, but it was actually two award shows cut down to fit into 30 minutes; hopefully it has our bits!

There are better official photos we have yet to receive, but here's an indication of the venue from random photos:


Needless to say, the experience we had in Toastmasters was a huge benefit. It was pretty amazing to be backstage, waiting to go on, and realizing that we were totally capable of handling this! Thanks guys!

Matthew and Steve own and operate Flash Bang Studios (an independent video games company) in Tempe Arizona; to learn more about their company click here.

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