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Club Leadership Team

All meaningful organizations have goals and deadlines.  

Our Toastmaster's club has a club leadership team to keep our club moving forward and focused on our member's needs.  We have six month terms to allow all members to take their turn in leadership which helps them learn and grow as well as provide valuable momentum for our club. 

Each leadership role has a different focus. 

While serving as club officers members gain different transferable leadership skills while serving in each office.


  •     Leads the club by promoting excellence.
  •     Presides over Club meetings
  •     Chairs Executive Committees and conducts club business
  •     Uses the Distinguished Club Program/Club Success Plan as a Management Tool
  •     Attend training sessions and participates at District Council Meetings
  •     Prepares and submits semi-annual reports, to be received at World Headquarters by April 10 and October 10
  •     Exercises vote at Regional Conference and International Convention, or tenders proxy to District
  •     Attends the Area & District Council meetings
  •     Prepares their successor for Office

Immediate Past President

  •     Chairs the Nominating Committee
  •     Helps with the Distinguished Club Program/Club Success Plan
  •     Promotes the Club's efforts to become a Distinguished Club
  •     Provides guidance and serves as a resource to Club officers and members

Vice-President Education

  •     Plans dynamic Club meetings
  •     Promotes the Toastmaster educational program to Club members
  •     Orients new members to the Toastmasters program and to the club
  •     Ensures members understand the importance of delivering excellent evaluations
  •     Arranges for Speechcraft and other Success/Leadership Programs to be conducted
  •     Arranges for the club to conduct Youth Leadership Programs
  •     Encourages member to participate in other Toastmaster activities and programs
  •     Administers speech contests
  •     Organizes a Speakers Bureau
  •     Chairs the Education Committee
  •     Presides in the absence of the President
  •     Attend and votes at Area and District council meetings
  •     Votes at Regional and International business meetings

Vice-President Membership

  •     Build Club membership
  •     Increases member satisfaction
  •     Prepares the Semiannual Membership Report
  •     Chairs the Membership Committee
  •     Attend and participates in Executive Committee Meetings
  •     Attends and votes at Area Council Meetings

Vice-President Public Relations

  •     Plans a public relations program
  •     Prepares publicity materials
  •     Produces a Club Bulletin
  •     Writes for the company publication
  •     Chairs the Public Relations Committee
  •     Attend and participates in Executive Committee meetings
  •     Attend and votes at Area Council meetings


  •     Maintains an accurate membership roster
  •     Records and reads meeting minutes
  •     Assists with the Semiannual Membership report
  •     Reports new officers to World Headquarters
  •     Prepares and mails orders for Toastmasters supplies
  •     Circulates TIPS, the supply catalog and The Toastmaster magazine
  •     Keeps the Club constitution and bylaws
  •     Maintains general Club correspondence


  •     Prepares an annual budget for the Club
  •     Provides the bank with a new signature card
  •     Notifies each Club members in writing of dues payable
  •     Collects payable dues and fees
  •     Issues check to World Headquarters for semiannual membership dues/New Member fees.
  •     Pays all bills promptly
  •     Keeps complete and accurate records of al financial transactions
  •     Presents a verbal and written financial report monthly
  •     Submits Club accounts for audit
  •     Responds to IRS or other government agency inquiries and makes sure the Club has an Employer's Identification Numbers


  •     Arranges room and equipment for each meeting
  •     Greets all guests and members at each meeting
  •     Arranges for food service at meal meetings
  •     Collects ballots and tallies votes for awards
  •     Maintains all Club equipment and materials
  •     Chairs the Social and Reception Committees
  •     Attends and participates in Executive Committee meetings

Serving as a club officer is just the beggining for leadership opportunities here.  Many leadership opportunities exist beyond the club in the Area, Division, District, and beyond.  If you are someone who would like leadership experience our club provides a great hands on way to begin becoming the best leader that you can be!

See Club Officer History

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