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About Dues

LogoTaglineLockupJPGsm.jpgToastmasters International charges a new member fee of $20 for new members which provides your first Toastmasters Educational materials.
TI monthy membership dues that are payable to TI is $7.50 per month and pro-rated based on when you join ($45 for a full 6-month term). RioCopa Club dues are $1 per month. Club dues pay for reimbursing club officers for club officer training, purchasing awards for members, and supplies needed for the club.

The combined Toastmasters International and Rio Copa Toastmasters dues are $8.50/month and are collected when you first join for the remaining dues period (6 months or less), in March for April-September, and in September for October-March. When your dues are paid Toastmasters International will mail you your new member packet which will contain your first two educational manuals (Competent Communicator manual and Competent Leader manual).

Dues are based on when you join and dues are collected in March and September for the next 6 month dues period.
For new members you need to also complete the new member application.

You can use the links below to pay your Rio Copa/Toastmasters International dues.
People joining in March and September should consider paying for that month and the next 6 months.

NOTE: The amounts below are hyperlinks that take you directly to Paypal to pay dues.

  1. Choose the appropriate month on the left.
  2. Choose the appropriate column on the top (new members choose far right column and others choose the other).
  3. Click on the link in the column below to pay.
    We do it this way so that our club never has your credit card information which means it cannot be stolen from us also.
  4. Make sure you've also filled out your new member application.
  5. Once we receive your membership application and payment we will submit your application to Toastmasters International.
  6. Welcome to Rio Copa Toastmasters!

Month Months Remaining TI Dues Club Dues Continuing/Dual Member Total If you are an existing member or are in more than one club use this column: New Member Total If you are a new member (you do not have your Competent Communicator or Competent Leader manuals) use this column:
January 3 $22.50 $3.00 $25.50 $45.50
February 2 $15.00 $3.00 $18.00 $38.00
March 1 $7.50 $1.00 $8.50 $28.50
March-October 7 $52.50 $7.00 $59.50 $79.50
April 6 $45.00 $6.00 $51.00 $71.00
May 5 $37.50 $5.00 $42.50 $62.50
June 4 $30.00 $4.00 $34.00 $54.00
July 3 $22.50 $3.00 $25.50 $45.50
August 2 $15.00 $2.00 $17.00 $37.00
September 1 $7.50 $1.00 $8.50 $28.50
September-March 7 $52.50 $7.00 $59.50 $79.50
October 6 $45.00 $6.00 $51.00 $71.00
November 5 $37.50 $5.00 $42.50 $62.50
December 4 $30.00 $4.00 $34.00 $54.00

Click on the appropriate amount above to pay dues online.

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