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Ah Counter Meeting Role


The purpose of the ah counter is to note words and sounds used as a "crutch" or "pause filler" by anyone who speaks during the meeting. Words may be inappropriate interjections such as "and, well, but, so, you know" Sounds may be "ah, um, er." You also should note when a speaker repeats a word or phrase (called a "double clutch") such as "1,1" or "This means, this means."


Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of the ah counter for the benefit of guests.
One example:

The ah counter provides auditory feedback to speakers during our meeting ("click!") to allow our members to eliminate the tell-tale signs of nervousness such as ah's, um's, filler words plus distracting phrases such as like, 'you know', or 'go ahead'. In providing immediate audible feedback ("click~") over time we're helping you to eliminate those obvious signs of nervousness which makes you appear more confident and competent.


Get a pen and blank piece of paper on which to make notes, or get a blank copy of the ah counter' log from the Sergeant at Arms.


clicker.jpgWhen introduced explain the role of the ah counter. Throughout the meeting, listen to everyone for "crutch" sounds and long pauses used as fillers and not as a necessary part of sentence structure. Except during formal speeches provide an audible click to immediately give the speaker feedback. Write down how many crutch sounds or words each person used during all portions of the meeting. When called on by the general evaluator during the evaluation segment, stand by your chair and give your report. This Form may help!

Remember that by clicking after speakers exhibit tell-tale signs of nervousness you are helping them. Nobody likes to be clicked and that is the point; because it is an undesirable action speakers will become conscious of their ah's, um's, and other nervous signs and over time stop doing them! Generally you will click during the entire meeting except for during formal speeches unless requested.

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