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Toastmaster Speech Manuals

The Basic Manual

The Basic Communication Manual manual helps you to develop the basic skills that you need to prepare and present an effective speech.

The manual is organized into ten separate projects, each with its own individual focus or objective. An extremely effective tool in developing your speaking skills, the Communication & Leadership Program manual never tells you exactly what to do or what to speak about, but rather it provides a set of guidelines for you to think about as you prepare your speech.

As an essential part of the Toastmasters program, another Toastmaster will evaluate each speech that you give, providing positive feedback and suggestions for improvement, as necessary.

After completing the Communication & Leadership Program manual, you earn Competent Communicator (CC) recognition and are able to focus your efforts on the projects in the advanced speech manuals of the Toastmasters program.

Your club's Vice President Education (or other Club officer if a VPE is the one earning the award) can submit an application for a CCor other award online at the Toastmasters International website.

The chart below lists the ten projects in the Communication and Leadership Program manual.

1 The Ice Breaker 4 - 6 Self-introduction to your club
2 Organize Your Speech 5 - 7 Organization/construction
3 Get to the Point
prior to Oct 03, was "Speak with Sincerity"
5 - 7 Achievement of a purpose
4 How to Say It
prior to Oct 03, was "Work with Words"
5 - 7 Precision in word choice
5 Your Body Speaks
prior to Oct 03, was "Show What You Mean"
5 - 7 Gestures and body movements
Evaluate Your Progress - Part 1
6 5 - 7 Voice volume, pitch, rate, quality
Research Your Topic
prior to Oct 03, was "Apply Your Skills"
5 - 7 Effective use of research
Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
prior to Oct 03, was "Add Impact to Your Speech"
5 - 7 Effective use of visual aids
9 5 - 7 Persuasion
10 8 - 10 Inspiration
Evaluate Your Progress - Part 2

The Advanced Communication & Leadership Program trains you for different speaking situations that Toastmasters can encounter outside the club environment. There are currently 15 Advanced Communication & Leadership (C&L) manuals, and each manual includes five speech projects. Within each of these advanced manuals, the individual projects all focus on a single, specific theme to help Toastmasters improve their speaking skills in that particular area.

Please see below for a list of the current Advanced Manuals containing the names and descriptions of the manuals and individual projects.

Advanced Communication Program

  • The Entertaining Speaker
  • Speaking to Inform
  • Public Relations
  • The Discussion Leader
  • Specialty Speeches
  • Speeches by Management
  • The Professional Speaker
  • Technical Presentations
  • Persuasive Speaking
  • Communicating on Television
  • Storytelling
  • Interpretive Reading
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Special Occasion Speeches
  • Humorously Speaking

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