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Girls Guide to Loving Life

Jordan Brown publishes her book!
You probably know THAT girl. The girl who has an infectious attitude, walks into a room with confidence, is a constant achiever, smiles through the tears, and lights up the world of others. Ever wished it was you? It CAN be you. Don’t envy her, BE her! The Girl’s Guide to Loving Life is an insightful and practical guide for learning to love your life, despite the inevitable flaws you may find in it. With the help of over fifty women, Brown shares knowledge and wisdom on having a positive attitude, loving yourself, achieving your dreams, overcoming obstacles, and creating your legacy. With a surplus of tips on loving your life, this book is sure to help you go from where you are in life to where you want to be. There’s only one person keeping you from being that girl, and that person is YOU. Sit back and relax with this easy-to-read guide, and get ready to unleash your full potential by discovering how to live a more fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable life.






Steve Swink publishes his book!
Game Feel

"Game Feel" exposes "feel" as a hidden language in game design that no one has fully articulated yet. The language could be compared to the building blocks of music (time signatures, chord progressions, verse) - no matter the instruments, style or time period - these building blocks come into play. Feel and sensation are similar building blocks where game design is concerned. They create the meta-sensation of involvement with a game. 

The understanding of how game designers create feel, and affect feel are only partially understood by most in the field and tends to be overlooked as a method or course of study, yet a game's feel is central to a game's success. This book brings the subject of feel to light by consolidating existing theories into a cohesive book. 

The book covers topics like the role of sound, ancillary indicators, the importance of metaphor, how people perceive things, and a brief history of feel in games.


Lilith Yeshua publishes two books!

Lilith Sophia Yeshua is a leading transformational life and relationship coach.  She is a often sought out speaker on her ‘step change’ tools for personal transformation.  Lilith Sophia Yeshua, the owner and founder of the Source Point Center, has reached a milestone in her to dream to support everyone in living the joyful and fulfilled life they are called to live through her business. She found her calling to serve others in 2000 through her twice daily dedication to focusing attention on a repeated prayer in alignment with the breath or heartbeat brought calm, peace and grounding to her life. She was so affected that she switched career paths entirely and pursued certification in the healing arts. The challenges and stressful periods in her life and the lives of those she's helped inspires her to further expand her knowledge of healing traditions as well as the leading innovations. Lilith has come far in her path to serve others through her work. She aims to further deepen her knowledge of the universe’s approaches to loving transformational change.This relationship with your affair accomplice started innocently enough.  You were sure you knew what it was and what it wasn’t.  You were sure you had it under control.  Yet now you are here…in a situation that is both messy and causing a lot pain.  

Navigating Infidelity: The Unintentional Cheater's Guide to Saving the Marriage

Navigating InfidelityThis book meets you where you are.  It gives you the tools you need to figure out where you want to go.  Get there while minimizing collateral damage to all the hearts involved.

Some of the questions answered in this book:

- I love my spouse, why am I hooked on this other person?
- Do I want my spouse or my affair accomplice?
- How can I be 100% sure of my choice?
- What is love anyway? I thought I knew.
- What creates the most love and passion in my life?
- How can I save my marriage from this affair?
- How can I save my own sanity?
- Can I keep both my spouse and my affair accomplice?
- How do I make my affair accomplice go away?
- Why is this happening to me?
- How can I fix it?

Navigating to the right choice for you, and the best outcome for all involved, starts with taking the personal responsibility, and the COURAGE, to look in the mirror.  This book is a step into sharper clarity, greater ownership, and better outcomes.


The Relationship Rhythm: Passion, Love & Power

The Relationship RythmIt highlights a never before revealed relationship rhythm that you will recognize as true as soon as you read it. You’ll see how it plays out in your relationship and you’ll be able to utilize it to make the most out of your relationship.

If relationship is already great, learn how to make it better:
What can we do to increase passion and love?
What can we do to create what we dreamed this could be?
What does it take to be the Ultimate Power Couple?

If you are struggling with the one you have, get helpful insights:
Why isn't sex as good as when we first married?
We are being torn apart by life, what's going on?
Why are they so needy or so distant?
Why is she a ball-buster and he a wuss?
Why is he so insensitive and she over-reacts?

If you are still trying to find the right one? Find out how to:
Attract a mate who’s interested in commitment
Attract a mate who wants to grow in love and passion

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