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Common Toastmaster Acronyms

International Level Designation:

IP: International President
IPIP: Immediate Past International President
PIP: Past International President
ID: International Director
IPID: Immediate Past International Director
PID: Past International Director
AS: Accredited Speaker
WCPS: World Champion of Public Speaking
PWCPS: Past World Champion of Public Speaking

District Level Designations:

DG: District Governor
IPDG: Immediate Past District Governor
PDG: Past District Governor
LGM: Lt Gov Marketing (often pronounced liggum)
LGT: Lt Gov Education and Training (often pronounced Liggit)
PRO: Public Relations Officer
AG: Area Governor

Club Level Designations:

DCP: Distinguished Club Program (our club goals)
VPE: Vice President Education
VPM: Vice President Membership
VPPR: VIce President Public Relations
SAA: Sergeant At Arms

Award Designations:

Older Award Designations:
ATM: Advance Toastmaster or Able Toastmaster
ATM-B: Advanced Toastmaster Bronze
ATM-S: Advanced Toastmaster Silver
ATM-G: Advanced Toastmaster Gold
CTM: Competent Toastmaster
OCL: Old CL Award

DTM: Distinguished Toastmaster
ACB: Advanced Communicator Bronze
ACS: Advanced Communicator Silver
ACG:  Advanced Communicator Gold
CC: Competent Communicator
CL: Competent Leader
AL: Advanced Leader
ALB: Advanced Leader Bronze
ALS: Advanced Leader Silver
ALG: Advanced Leader Gold (future)

Other phrases/words you might hear:

Double Clutch - When you start a sentence, stop, and then start another thought or repeat words.  A tell-tale sign of nervousness that is counted and reported on by the Ah Counter.

Word of the Day - A vocabulary word is selected each meeting to help us improve our vocabulary.  Members try to use the word during the meeting and especially during table topics.

Thought of the Day - A typically inspirational thought is selected for each meeting.  We often have guests or new members recite this as a way to get used to contributing to the meeting.

Off manual speech - A practice we don't allow.  Regardless of the type of speech you're doing there is a manual that can be applied to it.  Without a manual to guide the evaluator and other members giving feedback it can be difficult to provide specific and helpful feedback.  We have evaluation sheets for those times that you forget your manual or need to do a project that doesn't fit the manual you're currently working out of. 

Toastmasters Promise - Each member when they join agrees to a list of ten principles which help our club stay healthy and each member learn and grow.  Remember: your dreams don't work unless you do.



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